My Cute Niece Jingling

It’s the first time that I saw my small niece with the name Jingling (in Chinese: "Ding Dang"). So cute a little girl and she was only 5 months old at that time.

It’s really hard to take photos of the little baby like her age. I was supposed to operate a photo studio as a side occupation, but approved by this time it’s not so easy to put that into reality.

I couldn’t shoot her when she’s sleepy, however, waiting till she’s awake, found it’s difficult to focus indoor (the camera lens like EF50/1.8 focus not so fast enough), how I hoped to get a more professional one at that moment.

Supposed it should be better outdoor, however, it’s not the case. It didn’t work for the sunlight was too strong, so waiting till almost sunset, the small Ding Dang was not ready to follow my direction, she preferred crouching pretty much so that her paper diapers frequently appeared into my photos, of course I had to try it again & again. When I almost found the tips and got the better background, however, found the little girl already out of order, seemed dull and sad… Finally, her mother couldn’t help but felt sorry to say “our baby had been stung several spots by the mosquito…” wow~!

Only a less than 30 minutes’ shoot, but I already felt exhausted! To take photo of a little girl is not as easy as imagined.

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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WOW!! She is very cute! I especially like the photos #7878759 and #7893596!


^^a cute baby


It's so cute baby! Good luck with her photos - it has been very hard to get them!


Adorable and so true! But you'll have many years to capture her and fill your portfolio.


beautiful images!

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