My Daddy's Watch Parts

Lately Dreamstime has approved several of a series of photographs I took of my daddy's old watch parts.

He passed away two and a half years ago and left behind droors full of stuff, to me it was art objects and before these tiny gears and screws and other parts become clocks I thought I'd turn them into another type of art. Photographs.

My daddy was very proud of me. Not so much for my life's "successes" but for my undying will to create. Even with pain levels that never go below 7, I continue to create. In fact, creating helps distract me from the pain, which is one of the best medications on the market and it is free.

I wish he could see these images loaded up on dreamstime Stock photography site. He would be more than excited and proud of his ailing daughter and her unmitigated will to continue in spite of the hurdles life throws (like being rejected a zillion times here).

Of course, rejection has made me a better photographer and for that I am greatful for Dreamstime's strict enforcement of standards.

One day i hope to open something somewher and see one of those images dedicated to my Father, who was responsible for helping create the entire sismic exploration field by developing the computers and other devices that made that industry possible. He was a brilliant man who sat for hours on his off-time fixing tiny watches. He even made a few of his own, including etching faces and cutting out tiny hands. He was one of a kind.

Daddy, these images are dedicated to you and wherever you are I hope you can see them.


Your daughter.

Photo credits: Karen Musick.

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Your portfolio is making him proud!! Mine is also full of things left to me by parents and I always wondered what in the world I was going to do with all the stuff......doors are opened, if you are able to make the first step through, your life will change!


certainly your dad will be very proud, even now, hey Karen your Dad is around you and he can see all your success and pain, just look around and you can feel him. He is just around you.


Your dad will be proud of you if you keep up the good work, remember him in every shot & the results will be great... Take Care


This blog really show how much you love and miss ur Daddy. Wherever he may b but he will surely proud of u.

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