My deskmate girl

Though I have already worked for many years, I often miss my own life in the university and miss my classmates too.

The time in the university is so happy,in addition to classes we went outside to play ...that is my happiest period of time in life.

A few years ago,there is a pop song in China, its name is .This song has described a man's memory to the girl, deskmate of university ,Chinese lyrics are written very beautifully.This song brings a good memory to me,.

it also reminds me of my deskmate,my deskmate was also a beautiful girl,she was a very introverted girl...

is a Chinese song, my English is not good, I can not be accurately translated into English.But I was lucky to find someone online to have this song in English.I am glad that I have taken this theme and shoot a group of images.I would also like to thank this model. She had a good understanding of the subject.



do you still remember the diary you wrote yesterday?

do you still miss the girl who used to cry a lot ?

the teachers have long forgotten you, the girl who always missed the questions.

but the old pictures refreshed my memories.

who married this sentimental girl? who has read your diary?

who made your long hair into a bun, who dressed you as his beautiful bride?

you, this shy girl, used to ask me for half of the eraser.

you, used to say that you liked to be with me

back then, the sky seemed always blue, and the days seemed to be so idling

and you always said" the graduation day is coming soon, time to say good-bye"

who married this sentimental girl, who comforted you while u were crying?

who read the letter i wrote you, who let it be gone with the wind?

what is gone is gone, what is to come keeps coming, and i will have my bride one day.

but i will show her your picture, telling her about you, my deskmate girl.

who married this sentimental girl, who comforted you while you were crying?

who made your long hair into a bun, who dressed you as his beautiful bride?

Photo credits: Linqong.

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Thank you for your comment:)


Nice song! And she's very beautiful! I like that one with water most!


Hi, Williamju

No, my picture is submitted very fast recently.
Some pictures in BLOG are to select self- some pictures last year.


Sorry, it should be 6008893.

So you uploaded the images long time ago, but just submitted them recently, right?

That's interesting.

Your images are so professional, which makes me wonder are you a professional photographer? Or just shoot for hobby?

And also, I like the song: 《同桌的你》 too.


Hi, Williamju
Thanks a lot:)
6088093 is not my image,
I do not know the specific reasons... Maybe uploaded at different times.


wonderful images, you are one of my favorite contributors in DT.

Can I ask you a question?

Why you recent images ID No. are begin from 60? Like 6088093, and some are begin from 92, like 9280945?

Looking forward to your answer.

Thank you!


Hi Tracy0703


Wow, wow,wow!


Thank you so much! my friend Eclecticelegance


That is a very beautiful song! Thank you for sharing!!


I am glad you like the song,thank you so much.
This song brings a good memory to me.


Beautiful blog and lyrics, and really wonderful images - I love that with red rose and green apple contrasting with the rest of images and also the one of bried near water... really very nice blog from all points of view!


Hi,my friend Richard
Thanks a lot:)I wish you married couple are happy forever!


Hi,my friend Creativei
Thank you for telling the story about your deskmate.I think this should be a good your memory.


Even today after many years out of college I still remember that girl and I keep asking who is that lucky man who married her. We used to meet just two days in a week in the same class. Hey who married this sentimental girl???????


Thank you for your reply:)
This was a very popular Chinese song.


that is a beautiful whimsical song thank for sharing it and your beautiful pictures. Peter

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