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My Dreamstime Career. Tips for beginners

I think the passion for photography I got from my dad, who took pictures of us with a black and white camera.When I bought my first PC it came with the fever of editing.

I tried different programs, but for me, love at first glance was Adobe Photoshop. I had to learn how to use it and it took me a while, but finally I succeeded.

In April 2016 I watched a blog of a famous photographer in Romania. He was explaining people how to make money from edited pictures uploaded on Dreamstime. I began to edit pictures that could get me benefits and I discovered a life passion which I didn't know I had.

I created an account and uploaded pictures to it. I did not have a DSLR or a professional camera so I took some pictures with my phone which had 12MPX so it was good enough for me. The first pictures i took were to some flowers in my mother's garden and I uploaded them to Dreamstime IOS.

My 1st online Photo:

Yellow Tulip

I watched the app for 1 week to see if they made sales. Nothing . I gave up. I did not know where I was wrong. I was aware that my pictures weren't made as professional as others did, but i was disappointed that I did not sale just one.I forgot about Dreamstimes for a while, without thinking for a second that I did wrong somewhere somehow.

By January 2017 a friend asked me if I sold some pictures. I went into the application and No ... I did not had sales.

I entered the website and checked my picture to see if it was online. It had 3 views. After spending 4 hours on the website I noticed where I was wrong. I only had 8 keywords. How could a buyer see my picture if I did not promote it well by keywords? I started to put more pictures, to think from several angles, to put at least 30 40 keywords on every picture.

On January 25, I sold my first picture. Then I said that ... I'm going to make a lot of money.

My 1st sell :

Love is not a feeling

I sold a picture on February 3rd and I started Stock Carrier. In my head I was already analyzing how much money I could earn monthly. I checked up the blog daily, sometimes for more than 10 times, to see what the world says and find out the cruel truth.

It's not easy to sell pictures. You need a great portfolio of high quality with unique themes to be successful. How could I sell pictures if I only had a phone and shoot flowers? There are millions of pictures of animals and flowers, and I was thinking that with 30 pictures I will become rich.

I said I had to change something to myself. I had a vision to edit, so I got a DSLR. I started taking pictures and uploading daily. I did not have so many refusals and I sold the first P-EL picture:

Golden hill

Then I started competing at assigments. I sold the rights to a picture for $ 25. Wow ... it seemed like a fortune. I started making money from my passion.

Black puppy

For readers:

Success you have to commit yourself to, to compromise, to fight, when you stand up and to be successful. Load pictures daily, even if you think it's not perfect. Someone may need it and buy it. Add keyword related to that photo. Be active on Dreamstime and with time you will make the sales you want

Photo credits: Axylexu.

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January 02, 2018


We all have pass that learning process. Thanks

December 13, 2017


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December 12, 2017


hallo Axylexu, i want to ask you how do you withdraw money at this, i have not found a way to do it hope you can help me! thank you and and wait for his answer

December 12, 2017


Hello Axylexu, i want to ask you how do you withdraw money at this, i have not found a way to do it hope you can help me! thank you and and wait for his answer

December 10, 2017


If u think is Useful pls hit the button Useful :D

December 08, 2017


Thank you and i'm glad that you like it

December 08, 2017


Thank you, it's interesting.

December 07, 2017


Very good advice - it is a long road but one must persevere to become successful

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