My Dreamstime/Google search story

You may remember that Google had a very clever ad during the Superbowl. It consisted of following a person's searches on Google as they found love in Paris.

Now, you can create your own "seach stories." I started wondering, what would happen if I did a search story based on Dreamstime?

© Gascue

See what you think.

Approve or disapprove?

My Dreamstime Search Story


Photo credits: Carlos Gascue Bermudez.

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May 02, 2010


Approve, definitely approve. :)

April 25, 2010


OMG. That was SO cool. I'm really impressed!!!

April 25, 2010


That´s interesting! Thanks for sharing!

April 24, 2010


Looks great.... Very nice

April 24, 2010


Very interesting event!

April 24, 2010


Hmm funny! And approved :))
I would imagine the scenario of finding my name in many places including on dreamstime on the top of them! It's away to advertise your work!
Have a nice weekend!

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