My Dreamstime progress

I am a Dreamstime member for some time now. But until recently I was only a buyer. Just a few weeks ago I got the idea to upload some images of my own. I first started reading blogs and websites about stock photography and found out that it wasn't that hard to get some images approved. So I got to work and bought me a second hand Olympus e520.

I want to share my experience because I was looking for blogs and articles were I could see what kind of results I could expect from Dreamstime. So then I thought it would be nice for others to see how my selling and approval is going and why my pictures got rejected.

At the beginning you don't really know the rules of Dreamstime and that had a bad influence on my approval rate. I upload several images that were just slightly different. This is because I buy allot from Dreamstime and I mostly miss having images from just another angle or that other look. So I thought this would be a plus point but they don't accept that. You can submit pictures with the same person, on the same location or the same subject but they have to be different. For example. A trunk from angle A and the same trunk from angle B would get only one approved. But the same trunk opened and one closed would get both approved. But please note that this is my own experience! So this might be slightly different in your experience.

My approval ratio was about 50% after that. I got it to 55% now and I think I can do better than that. I am learning what is approved and what isn't. The images I was doubting about did not get accepted. And afterwords I was not surprised and even thought they were right about it. So don't upload if you are not really happy with the result yourself. Change is that Dreamstime is also not happy with it.

My first sell:

I uploaded my first image on june 9 and got my first sale on june 14. Then another one on the 21st and 22nd. Totaling $0.90. Not much. But I think they are from buyers that have a monthly subscription so they pay less for an image since they downloaded the highes res. Since then no more downloads.

I have 65 images online now and trying to reach 100. But I don't have to much time to shoot since I have 2 little children and my own business witch takes much of my time. But I think I can get to 100 within 1 or 2 weeks from now.

I read somewhere that sales only pick up after some time and you have to be patience with that. So I am patience and trying to upload as much as I can.

I will try to keep this blog up to date so that new members can read what to expect and older members might want to see how others are doing. So thats it for now.

Photo credits: Marcel De Grijs.

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July 08, 2011


Hello Patrick, welcome to the contributors club :-) I am an illustrator, but I can tell you that your portfolio look very promising. Keep up the good job and good luck!!! Bye, Francesca

July 07, 2011


Thanks for the nice comments!
@Haslinda: like your portfolio. It's nice to see the potential of my camera and what others do with it. Your photo's realy look great! I hope to get some nice shots like that soon.

July 07, 2011


Keep it up!

July 07, 2011


Hey, we have the same camera type. Good luck on your journey :) To answer your question about the Walmart picture - it was uploaded as an Editorial. It is fine, no releases needed. You may consider adding more editorials. Some subjects do sell. Cheers!

July 07, 2011


@Solidsdman: That is a nice picture of Walmart and I understand it's possibility's. But what I don't understand is that it got approved? Isn't Walmart a brandname? I live in Europe and I don't know Walmart that well but isn't it a brand? I also like your one million dollar bill! That must start selling soon since it is a hot topic. I guess your up to date with Hyperinflation and the future of the dollar? ;) (going of topic just a little bit)

July 06, 2011


You have a good attitude and realistic expectations and that's important. If you're lucky, one of your images will be very popular. One of mine, my Walmart image, accounts for 25% of my sales and 42% of my dollar revenue. I hope you get a hot image.

July 06, 2011


Great start! Keep it up!

July 06, 2011


I will be uploading much more and try to get better work. I'm learning allot by watching portfolio's like yours. Thanks for the comments! :)

July 06, 2011


Hi, good luck for your sales!!!

July 06, 2011


Thanks for sharing your experience, You're doing fine, but you have to uload more in order to det more sales.

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