My Dreamstime progress part 2

My last blog article was on the 6th of july. My target then was to get 100 pictures online but I did not reach that goal. I have 72 at this moment and some files pending. It's not that I got less enthusiastic or less inspirited but it's my job and children that takes lots of time and it has been very busy last week.

I will get that 100 pictures soon! I have 72 online at this moment and I think I have some good ones pending to get to 75 real quick.

I do think some of the Dreamstime staff is on vacation since my files are pending much longer than normal. ;)

But enough with the excuses and on to the progress. ;)

I sold my 7th photo today! I sold 6 photos of people and just 1 other subject. A fly on a leaf I did with my macro lens. I thought it would never sell since there are lots of other fly pictures but someone must have thought it was better for his use than the others! :) It sold for 3 credits and I earned $0.77 with it. My biggest profit on a sale so far! :) All the others sold for $0,24 to $0.42. They were al subscriptions and the fly was bought wit 3 credits. So I hope to get more of those!

Conclusion so far:

- people sell!

- the pictures that sold all sold before 20 views. Some of my photo's have 90 + views but did not sell yet. Except for the fly that sold at around 60 views.

- so far I would say that good pictures sell fast and lots of views doesn't mean it's a good picture. But I can only tell that on the long run.

- Earnings till now are $1.67 on sales and $14.40 on upload bonus.

- first upload was june 10 so I'm selling for 39 days now.

I am focusing on pictures of people now to see if it will bring more sales.

Will keep you all up to date in a few weeks and I will hopefully be far above 100 uploads! :)

Some of my work:

Photo credits: Marcel De Grijs.

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Thanks for all the positive feedback! Since I posted this I had 3 more sales and my first 2 sales on one day! So I am very positive things will go better. Still have no extra images accepted. One is pending on 21 hours for several days now. :(

@Digikmer: The Hague is a great place to shoot pictures!!! Beach, parks, city... I used to live on the Antheunisstraat. :)


Thanks for the tips ! Good luck with your future sales !


Have a nice potfolio see that with time you will sell so much!


Your portfolio is great. Keep up the good work and good luck! Wish you many more sales ...


Nice portfolio, Good Luck...


We all find our niche eventually. Good Luck !


Nice portfolio and I am sure the sells will come. My significant sell started at 200 uploaded picture. Keep uploading and good luck. Greetings from The Hague ;)


Wow, it seems like you have everything very well analyzed, congratulations.

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