My drug, photography

When i start to think about photography, all kind of things start to run trough my head. I never thought that i will ever be so addictive about thins thing.

When I started, not a long time ago, i really had nothing in common with this passion, i did not had a camera, i thought that a picture is just a picture and as a little child i was always afraid of have my photo taking. Not to mention that i had no clue what is the difference between a picture and a photography.

Well here I am later, with my camera, looking for anything interesting to capture, thinking what subject can be more interesting, trying to show the world my point of view in a frame, and with my first picture accepted on Dreamstime.

I never thought that this will involve a huge amount of time, money and hard work invested, but i don't see me doing anything else. I remember my first pictures, which i thought that are the greatest pictures in the world, and when I look back i can actually see the progress during the time.

I did and i still do a lot of mistake according to photography laws, books and rules but I know today that buying yourself an expensive camera, won't make you a good photographer, it will just make you an expensive camera owner. And it's alright to do mistakes, it does not mean you failed, it means that you successfully discovered another way of how not to do that thing.

I bet that out there behind those hundred of thousand of pictures, good ones, excellent ones and bad ones are people just like me and even if you are an extraordinary photographer or just a beginner you will just have to go on in your journey. As a final idea i think that a good picture is like a good book, you can't do one every day.

Photo credits: Dumitriu Alexandru.

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August 11, 2012


Thank you very much. I already have 3 pictures accepted and i am proud, now i just need to find that one that it will actually be downloaded :)

August 10, 2012


Welcome to DT!

August 08, 2012



August 07, 2012


Welcome to dreamstime :)

August 06, 2012


I agree !

August 06, 2012


Thank you very much!

August 05, 2012


Welcome to DT, enjoy your time here...

August 05, 2012


I think this is why i felled in love with this art, is because you never stop learning, with every shot you learn something new, you experience something new, and it gives you a high dose of happiness when you succeed. For me it counts the most that even if your picture is the best of all or not, at least it will be unique. It will be just like the words on a page, sure others used those words as well, but never in that combination to express what they feel. For me the bad part is that I cannot invest as much as I want in gear and so, but I struggle with home made and I improvise until I will able to :)

August 04, 2012


I share this addiction with you since I was 10 years old - now 35 years later I found myself still at the beginning of learning and I think that might be the secret - you will never be finished with learning :) especially if we look on the technical development over the last 30 to 40 years. I know I'm addicted and my whole family knows - just yesterday I drove by fantastic view on the Sydney Harbour at night - I couldn't stop, and for the next hour I was really on a bad mood to have missed that opportunity - my family then forced me to drive back there, they waited in the car while I took my picture - I had my shot and was happy again :)

August 04, 2012


But i am sure it feels the same :)

August 04, 2012


My drug, design:)

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