My DT story

I learned that photos and drawings can be sold through the Internet somehow about 8 years ago (I was 17 years old), don't recall any agencies of that time though. I tried my luck in microstock as soon as I managed to buy my first camera (I was 20 at the moment). I don't really remember what's my first agency was but it was not DT, I'm sure. My camera was a very simple and cheap one and photos appeared to be far from good quality, none were accepted. So I gave up and forgot about the idea I liked so much.

I became interested in microstock again when I began to draw (I'm a very late beginner, was about 20 or 21 when started), but a dream remained a dream until all pieces of the puzzle joined together. It took time...

First, I thought I drew so bad that I was shy to merely show my pictures to someone, not to think of trying to sell them. Now I realize that some of my images were rather nice and even stockworthy despite of being abstract or lacking some proportions. But a few years ago I didn't know this and was sure nobody would buy that.

Second, I had no scanner (and my camera, as you know, was very poor). Even when I aquired avearage drawing skills I couldn't transfer my drawings into digital form. Also, I had no tablet to draw using graphic editors, and I knew nothing of vector drawing.

Third, and the most important problem that remained even after solving previous two, was my expensive Internet traffic. And the connection through dial-up modem. Really bad, you know.

Now you see my way to microstock was a long one. I must admit I didn't choose DT somehow: just had clicked the first link from the microstock agencies list someone recommended in his blog. Liked the name, perhaps :) But it was a lucky click (and I wonder if I'm someone's referred member)...

Now my monthly revenue is 20-60$ (30$ average). In the province I live in it's a good deal of money, really helpful for the young family's budget, especially while I cannot work (my kid is very young yet).

By the way, just by being on DT for a while I improved my English greatly. I can easily read books in English now. I wish I was able to translate my own books into English one day.

The dream makes you move forth. No matter how real or unreal it is, how small or big. Have more dreams, I advise you, because they also lead you somewhere and make life more interesting and happy. Thanks for reading :)

And what's your DT story?

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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February 07, 2012


To Gsteve.
Sorry, I've been looking everywhere, but couldn't find the source photo. I remember it to be of a very bad quality, so probably I've deleted if from my computer long time ago.
But I still have the white cat :) and can make a new photo if needed and make a collage with your text then.

February 06, 2012


Do you have the original image of the cat that you used for this image 9499366.
That's the cover of a book in Switzerland. But I wanted to put text in French, that's why I need the image. I love your images of pictorial typography, I am passionate about this art, and I've already done a study on this subject.
Thank you.

September 02, 2010


your pictures is very creative( I don't now another word wich could describe your images}!
my story is like yours. when I started on DT I now nothing about photography or illustrations, but now I learn much but I have to learn more!

September 02, 2010


Amazing Pictures well done

September 01, 2010


A lovely story. The guy I met at Inverness Castle at Eastertime 2009 and who told me about microstock [ not DT ] said he was earning on average $480 per month.......... and I thought thats pension money and you'll go on earning after you are dead ! I didn't appreciate how hard it is to achieve the quality required and I didnt understand concept images........ so its been a hard learning curve but interesting. David.

September 01, 2010


Thanks for sharing your experience, you're doing great.

September 01, 2010


Wow... that was an thought provoking and impressive walkthrough of your experience with microstock

September 01, 2010


Thanks for your story.I wrote one last week.

September 01, 2010


My DT story started in 2008. I wished to be sooner. Great moments!

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