My evolution with stock photography

I remember the times when I first joined here a few years ago, I had only a few images up (flower snapshots most of them) and was checking every other minute to see whether I made any sales.

The first sale brought a lot of motivation with it, so I started shooting anything that could pass as stock photography, from people to food. And the great thing and benefit of it was how much I learnt in that time, reading tutorials, looking up to other photographers, researching what sells as stock.

Eventually, I realized that being a full time stock photographer is not my thing, but what I still loved was document all my travels (I love traveling) and what a better place to share the results than here? This place has become a sort of a visual travel journal for me (otherwise I would literally flood my insta account) and the reward is even bigger when someone buys and uses one of my snaps.

So I guess I'll settle with this as long as it keeps me happy ;)

How's everyone else evolved in the past years? Looking forward to hear your stories!

Waterscape from Tarragona

Photo credits: Dark3y3s.

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February 04, 2016


Thank you @Adammeadows12 :)

January 05, 2016


great work wish you luck!

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