My experience about making the ETR shorter

ETR, Estimated Time until Review, is a boring term for newbies. It's usually more the 100 hours how can we tolerate this. But don't worry about it, after a long time practice, I have already can handle it well. Here is my experience, sharing with newbies like me.

At first, let's see what should we do to make a photo online. Shooting, adjusting, uploading, keywording, then waiting for reviewing. Each of these work can take a lot of time but why only ETR bother you? Because you can do nothing to reduce the ETR but just waiting. Changing you point of view, you will find that you really can do something while ETR. You can shooting, adjusting, uploading, keywording, it will make you feel that the ETR is shorter.

My experience and advise is that keeping shooting and uploading, a lot. Then you will find you have a lots of Unfinished Files to deal with. So that you have no time to notice the ETR things. It make you feel the ETR is shorter.

There is another tip. If you put some pics in the Unfinished Files for a while, such as a week, then you finish them, you will find that the ETR is very small or n/a, even the pic is under review directly.

Photo credits: , Jin Peng.

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September 18, 2016


Thanks! I was wondering when I started to sell stock on Dreamstime what ETR meant. Took me a few hours to work it out. :D

July 18, 2008


Hi Namowen, Great Portfolio!!!
I try to upload a couple of pictures everyday, that way, at least a couple of new files will be revewed everyday. And (Hopefully) approved. I also see the long ETR as a sign that this site is very popular because it is the most successful for me.

July 18, 2008


Agree. And using the wait time to browse the message boards and blogs like this one can kill some time and can be rewarded with some useful info too.

July 18, 2008


Very right! :)

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