My favorite photo with the new camera.

I have had my new Canon 40d camera for just over a month now. This replaced the Sony DSC-F828 that I was shooting with previously.

The upgrade from the Sony to the Canon was like moving from a toy camera to a real camera.

Here is my favorite photo that I have shot with the new camera over the last 4 weeks. When you zoom in to 100% or view it in raw (CR2) format there is so much detail. I was never able to shoot anything this sharp with the old Sony camera.

Thanks to everyone on the DT message boards who helped me decide on the Canon 40D instead of the XSI (450D). I am loving it and having fun.

Photo credits: Steve Stedman.

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July 10, 2008


Are you shooting in raw and then converting?

Yes, I am shooting raw and high res jpg. The JPG gives me a quick way to view in before loading it up to vies it as a raw file.

Everything that I upload to DT starts as a raw file, then I can adjust white balance and other settings. Then saved as a JPG, noise reduction applied, then uploaded as a JPG and CR2.

July 10, 2008


That is a great shot.I also got the 40d a month ago. Are you shooting in raw and then converting?

July 10, 2008


Canon 40d,That's great!

July 10, 2008


i got a new camera recently too.. but i' went for the nikon D50.. i'm loving the quality of the pics, makes a massive difference!

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