My favorite photographer

© Iofoto
This is my favorite photo of this photographer. It is Iofoto Ron Chapple Studio at first I add him to my favorite because he has go 100% portfolio then I found out that beside to his wonderful photos he has got many tips for all that who wants to learn photography that means for me too.

At his site I found some useful information how to produce better photography, some useful links to other sites and all his work.

© Iofoto
He have got over 14000 photos in his portfolio and I every month he upload some new ones, of curse his sales are also big but that is not a point.

Look at his site and work and find some tips for you.

Photo credits: Iofoto.

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March 21, 2008


I too think IOFOTO is fantastic!! The images are contributed through the one user name and represent his Studio. His portfolio here represents his many photographers that either work for him or contract through him. I think I am right here.. if anyone knows different let me know! I have been to his website and there is lots of good info!

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