My feeling.

My feelings.

Today, I see our editorial written in The New China of that article, I received the text of the very fruitful. DT on theChinese photographer is a very timely article. My English is not very good, but translate the whole page article into Chinese and collect through the dictionary.

I think I comes to DT as most Chinese cameramans,I always hope to introduce the works of China's more traditional history and culture to everybody.And nearly neglect and introduce people's lives and development of China of today more.

Though I already recently noticed this respect by oneself.

This article has pointed out a direction for creation and sale

of our works,I think we need our traditional picture of history

and culture, this is deserving our proud respect. In addition,

We should take the image of more new China to DT.It is taken from the life around us.Let more friends understand today's China, today's Beijing.

Photo credits: Linqong.

Your article must be written in English

March 13, 2008


Thank you very much. AMY

March 13, 2008


The contrast between the new China and traditional China is striking. You are very well placed to document this, and help the world see China as she is. An incredible history, industrious people, and beautiful art!

March 12, 2008


Thank you very much,I am very glad to get your affirmation! I will continue making great efforts!

March 12, 2008


China has one of the richest histories and traditions in the world. You must continue to photograph examples. But I also congratulate you on documenting modern China. Thanks for your contributions!

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