My feeling Town

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All along, always on the ancient villages and towns unforgettable. Always think of this place to look for, find that the most primitive, ancient housing, the simple folk, old story. That big tree in the experience under the cool breeze blowing gently, that in the early morning rain to walk through the countryside road, it's winter in the afternoon to enjoy the warmth of the sun, in the afterglow of the sunset that sheep do not return may be ...... Live in the city for a long time now, I might not have had it too nostalgic, or do I have the original ecological environment lived? Often there is a lingering thought of me, that is, I would have preferred to find a home in the village, where over Spring's life. You have a place like this?

In recent years I have taken a number of towns and villages, with some gains bit by bit, using the recorded message, glad to see when they come here, come here to look at the sad time, the leisure time to take a look here, look tired when they come here , From here I would like to be able to find a peaceful and quiet.

This is my feeling Town.

I will continue to look for it ......

Photo credits: Mbr555.

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February 08, 2009



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January 02, 2009



Wei County of Zhangjiakou in Hebei region, is the oldest of the county, there are many monuments.
Thank you for your love.

January 02, 2009


I really like this picture. Where is Wei county, Mbr555? Are you in Hubei?

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