My film scanning experience

Hope my example willHi, Friends.

I'm very happy, because it seems I found the way to use my huge old films archieve. I recently made scans in laboratory.

I desided to try two kinds of them and check the difference. Expensive ones (about 4,5$ for 7058x4680px scan) came from Nikon Coolscan 9000, and cheaper (2$ for the same) - from printing machine Noritsu QSS-2901.

It was quite strange for me to see that Nikon's scans were approved here much worse. May be because they had lower contrast. The operator said this would help to keep detalization and color gradations. But finally I was unable to restore the initial colors, though I liked the retro look which pictures began to have. But probably this effect is not suitable for stock. The grain on Nikon scans was quite smooth, but it still existed, and due to low contrast even smalest blur completely killed parts of images. When I increased contrast or sharpness, grain immediately began to grow, too.

Cheaper Noritsu scans were almost all approved here. With them I also had few difficulties during post-processing such as: hard scratches and noise. But the images were very sharp and bright, so blurring them a bit didn't harm. Here is the first portion of my freshly approved images of 5 years ago Tunisia trip. Some of these pictures appeared Russian travel magazines before, and now they are all exclusive on Dreamstime.

enspire somebody else to enlarge their portfolio by reanimating materials from pre-digital era. I really enjoyed working with these almost forgotten pictures. Now I'm absolutely convinced: the moments of the past are priceless and they are worth to be restored.

Photo credits: Julia161.

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March 06, 2010


Hi, Penguin =) No special hints. Just removed scratches with healing brush, blured a bit and downsized. Colors I didn't touch, because from touching colors grain became huge. These scans are from Noritsu. The whole process wasnt too difficult, but with some pictures it just didn't work out.
P.s. like your avatar =)

March 06, 2010


Very nice! A number of my images are scanned, but I did have quality issues preparing them for stock, and it took a lot of time and effort to get them "right". I am not sure it is worth the time to "restore" them, and so have stopped scanning for now. If you have any hints, I would appreciate them. I scanned with a Nikon Coolscan 4000 transparency scanner.

March 06, 2010


Congratulations,nice shots!Wish you the best:)

March 06, 2010


Congratulations, Yulia! I am a big scanner fan, too!

March 05, 2010


Nice shots! Great restoration also! Cheers :)

March 05, 2010


nice tip. thanks

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