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my first 1$...yeah!!

I've been registered to dreamstime since 2007, but I've started uploading last month. I thought it shouldn't take too long to earn a dollar, but I was wrong. It took a whole month.

Now I wonder, should I continue with stock photography? How many photos are enough to earn at least 100$ a month? Is it possible to earn that much?

Is my portfolio any good?

anyway, here is the photo that earned my first $:

thanks ;)

Photo credits: Atahack.

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June 07, 2011


Thank you for all the suggestions! Since my post about the fist dollar, my photos earned 4.5 $ this last month. So by the end of the year I hope there will be more...maybe just enough to buy new shoes as part of travel photographer equipment :)

May 26, 2011


Congrats on the first $ - i am right behind you - i had my first sold for 0.42$ :).

May 07, 2011



May 07, 2011


great stuff. Keep uploading to get the 100$.

May 07, 2011


Congratulations! Keep up the good work...

May 07, 2011



May 07, 2011



May 07, 2011



May 06, 2011


It takes time and effort. It took me a year to make my first $100 but I do not put too much time into this. This year I am on track to make my second $100 in much less time. The more pictures you have in your portfolio the more money you are going to make.

Effort x Portfolio size = $$

Good luck.

May 06, 2011


You've got great pictures in your portfolio. It takes perseverance and time to reach 100$ a month, but as long as you enjoy doing it, it's time very well spent!

May 06, 2011


Yeiiii congrats!

May 06, 2011


Stay with it and keep uploading, you have great images.

May 06, 2011


Congratulations!! Great photo!!

May 06, 2011



May 06, 2011


It won't be long until you get your first $100, you have a great portfolio. Patience and perseverance, you'll be there before you know it.
Good luck.

May 06, 2011


Congratulations! Nice photo! I'm sure your sales will increase on next months but for the first payement it all depends quality, number and subjects on my point of view. Dreamstime is one of the best agencies, I'm sure You'll have a big success in here!

May 06, 2011


You have some very nice shots in your portfolio. Whether you should continue or not is only up to you, no one can give you the right answer to this question.

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