My first 100 images! Time to start my blog

When I discovered stock photography many time ago I did not gave it importance. Well, better said, I did not gave all the importance that I give it nowadays.

Years have passed by, the agencies have changed their printed catalogues and CDs for a lot more practical, fast and attractive web sites. Web sites like Dreamstime have made really easier the designers task of finding the image and exact framing that fits their needs. And they are also stirred the interest of lots of casual photographers and designers to expose their works.

And many of these casual photographers and designers (AKA contributors), we never could have imagined that we would give our extra time to the stock photograph. Particularly, I have to be really grateful to that who made me discover this world ( click here to watch her work).

This can be a very exciting hobby that makes you always be better, more creative, and to keep alive the imagination that makes you feel alive.

Yes, it can be a very exciting hobby. Earning some dollars is a secondary issue. Let’s be honest, those who dedicate to this just to earn money, they better change their way to fill their extra time. Photograph should be first and above all a hobby.

Photo credits: Agencyby.

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January 06, 2010


What can I say hahahaha! Some of your pictures I was present when you shooted them ;) I'm a bit addicted also to forums and community in general, why don't try to take a look into forums??

and you can take part in assignment also, I told you ^^

Felices Reyes!! :)

January 06, 2010


Hobby is an option. Advertising industry sometimes loves professionals!

January 06, 2010


i totally agree, wishing you lots of luck and loads of sales for 2010:)

January 05, 2010


fantastic milestone! best of luck! :)

January 05, 2010


Congratulations your milestone! Try to give it more importance still :))
Hope 2010 will bring you more sales... Cheers ;)

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