My First 100 Online Images Exclusively For Sale

The grasshopper is resting on the human skin like the grass

I love nature, animals, and macro photography. The story so far for 2 years along the way before I reached my 100 online images for sale.

Since Q1 2015, I started upload my first image exclusively @Dreamstime. Because of my novelty and no experience on photography, I found the high difficulty of my images to be approved for online sale. The online/refused ratio (acceptance ratio) of my upload images are approximately 30% as well as the rather long duration from upload to post-reviewed result, so I shut down myself and ignored my portfolio at about 10 of my online images and no earning.

The shadow of flower when the sunset

Surprisingly, I earned from one of online image in Q1 2016. It is the point that changed my attitude and attempted to upload more images exclusively @Dreamstime. I used my drawing experiences to send some of my illustrated images and improved my photographic skills in parallel. As a result my acceptance ratio of my upload images are more than 80%. However, I have busy time again and left my portfolio at my online images were less than 50.

Growing plant and seeds

At the winter time (Q4 2016), I have more free time and I attempted again to upload more images exclusively @Dreamstime. Until I reached 50 online images for sale. So impressive for me, I love this stock photo website and I would like to be exclusive user. After I became an exclusive user, it is the potential that I could do it. Until now, I reached about 100 of my online images for sale.

The Green Plant is Growing Up From the Soil

Green Tree and Fruit in Isolated or White Background

Sometime you found the problems in your life, everything no perfect, that make you down but you should believe that you can do it, you can pass through it. It takes time to move forward but also invaluable when you succeeded every single step. Have a good time and happy on your life in the last month of 2016.

The Yellow Dragonfly is Resting on the Plant

The Tree on the Blue Background and Cloudy Sky

Photo credits: Meteejinakote.
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December 19, 2016

Thank you so much @Mariayunira @Generalul2015 .


December 19, 2016

Congratulations for the good achievements! Best wishes


December 19, 2016

nice pictures :)