My first $100 after seven long months !

Wilanow Palace & Gardens. Warsaw. Poland.

Today I reached my first $100 royalties. The minimum needed to request a payment.

Hope the number of sales increases in the coming months.

How are you people promoting your portfolio in DT ? Do you have a website ? use facebook or some other venue ? Or it is just a matter or time to get more sales ?

Photo credits: Daniel M. Cisilino.
Daniel M. Cisilino
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  • Danielc1998
  • Dublin, Ireland
MESSAGE FOR BUYERS: I would be very grateful to those buyers who let me know how and where my images are used. It can be done by commenting the image that has been bought. Thank you!

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February 13, 2013



February 11, 2013

Hi, thats sounds encouraging!
You are a couple of months ahead and i can see the same trend. My sales where quadrupled in january compared to december when I still where at 150 pics.
I´am focused on uploading and havent yet looked into promotional actions. Saw that you are exclusive contributor and that will probably help a bit - I am still on some conventional stocks so thats not possible for me...


February 10, 2013



February 10, 2013



February 10, 2013

Congratulations! The first 100 bugs takes the longest - the next will come much quicker, especially because you are uploading more than I am for example - so you should have the next 100 in about 3 months and then.... depending you keep on going ;) and that's not considering promoting your pics - I need to look at that tool too - not really doing that yet! Good Luck and nice pf!


February 10, 2013

Good result, congratulations!


February 09, 2013

Congratulations! Keep working!