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Here is my story.

I have been reading about approval, quality of images, price plans, payment methods, blog etc for more than a year. I got a new DSLR Nikon D5200 18-105mm few weeks ago. Saw videos about how to take good and sharp images and about camera settings in certain conditions. I took about 400 photos one day at a historical place (Lahore Fort - 400 years old) at Lahore. My real focus was to take photos that can sell better. So I took shots of wall textures, stairs and old architecture that people can be used as backgrounds in portraits or websites. Luckily photos came up relatively nicer due to better weather and lighting conditions. I was little nerves while uploading my first batch. So I selected only 3 images out of 400, Improved their brightness and contrast in Photoshop and uploaded them. My other images were not too bad but I wanted my first batch to be the best. So I started with those three images. I checked my account daily if they went live or not. But after few days I was really exited to see them approved. I have never been exited like that even when I got a great job in a big company. I was more worried about approval. I am confident now and will work on different topics to take some great shots in future.

You can see one of my images over here.

Kindly let me know if you guys have any suggestions for me.

Thank you.


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Photo credits: Habibullah Nawaz.

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July 23, 2013


Congratulations! I've had my first images approved last january so I clearly remember that great feeling! It's addictive, believe me! Nice pictures by the way, especially the stairs one!

July 23, 2013


Thank you all!

July 23, 2013


Congratulations and ....keep it up!!!

July 22, 2013


Congratulations, keep it up...

July 21, 2013


Keep at it!

July 19, 2013


I really like your images. Only suggestion is to keep uploading! You are off to a good start! Looking forward to seeing more of them. :) Good Luck!

July 19, 2013


Thank you guys. I'll keep shooting and uploading.

July 19, 2013


welcome and congrats! look at lots of photos to get ideas and inspiration. keep uploading. best of luck and many sales.

July 19, 2013


well done and keep at it...don't get's tough in the beginning and then you start paying more attention to image detail and light etc...good luck!!

July 19, 2013


welcome and congratulations - just keep on working - it takes a while to get somewhere but it is worth all the efforts if you have fun doing it!

July 19, 2013


Congratulations. Very exciting to get first images accepted. Do not be put off when you get rejections, try and learn what was needed to for the images to be accepted. A great start.

July 19, 2013


Nice, keep them coming and good luck.

July 19, 2013


hi there and welcome! my only suggestion is keep shooting and uploading! its a numbers game.. we are a tiny needle in this haystack of images, so shoot for fun, shoot what you think an image can be used for, and play stock rank. that is a good game on here that shows you what has sold and what had not. quite addictive! and good luck!

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