My first 4 months in stock, my Bestseller and the AD 2010!

Hi all Dreamstimers and happy new year to all of you.

Here i am after my first 4 months of stock in DT, which has a nice enough structure to look like a little game in the eyes of a videogames journalist like me.

It's like an RPG (Role Playing Game, for the ones of u who are wondering), where you eventually get popular, sale pictures, level up and get better at taking pics and at looking at things.

And you see a lot of beautiful pictures from other users (some of you are plain awesome).

As for me, i've just begun with this. I uploaded 3 pictures in my first 2 months and one of them is my BestSeller and my curse.

It's the first picture i uploaded and it managed to sell even an EL... something that usually takes months to achieve.

Then on i've tried to understand, to watch others and to diversify my portfolio (getting my good share of rejections :P), with almost no result.

I hope i am moving in the right direction and i am facing the new year willing to get better and with a straight question in mind:

Will that picture be my only success in stock? (Given that i am not a pro at all ;))

Can't wait to find it out and to share my luck or epic fail with you (in case someone should mind).

In the meantime, I wish you all a really good good good New Year from Florence!

Photo credits: Antonio Jodice.

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January 04, 2010


nice work keep at it and 2010 will be promising!

January 04, 2010


Excellent images! Good luck for 2010!

January 04, 2010


Yes, you taught me pretty well how to have a picture rejected! :P

January 04, 2010


Good job! You must have a good teacher :D

January 04, 2010


Just started the new year with 3 rejected files! :D

Hi even to Marilyn and Titania :)

January 03, 2010


Well done, wishing you continued success in 2010!

January 03, 2010


beautiful portfolio and congrats for the EL-sale!!

good luck in the new year!

January 03, 2010


Thank you all for stopping by and leaving an "hi"

Best wishes to all of you again :)

January 03, 2010


you have a lovely portfolio! well done :)) best of luck for the new year!

January 03, 2010


you;ve def started on a great note with already one EL downloaded - well done to you - wishing you lots of success in 2010 - good luck

January 02, 2010


Best wishes for 2010!

January 02, 2010


Nice portfolio! Wish great 2010 in all the means! Cheers ;)

January 02, 2010


here's to a WONDERFUL and prosperus 2010!!!

January 02, 2010


Awesome port.Keep uploading.And good Luck in 2010

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