My first 50 photos at Dreamstime

Thanks to Dreamstime for taking my 5 new pictures today, as I’ve reached my (I think) first milestone at DT – I’ve got 50 photos online!!! I feel quite exited about this, almost like when I sold my first photo, as from this day I’m really a part of this community.

I new my achievements are not great so far, but I enjoy a lot what I’m doing.

I’m new to photography (less than a year) and I’m a newbie in this business, started only in spring this year, and was registered at DT in March. But I found it so exciting! I look now at the surrounding world with different eyes and find a lot of interesting in it.

I’m taking pictures of different things, taking a shot in different fields to find finally what is mine, and learning, and learning… And DT helps me to do it. Rejections make me improve my work, approved files cheer me up, forums and blogs provide lots of new information about photography and give me an opportunity to communicate with fellow photographers.

So, not the first and not the last I’m saying "thank you" to Dreamstime!

This is my 50th uploaded photo

And these are some other photos from my portfolio

Photo credits: Kaththea.

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Like that one Street Cafe in the Sunlight


Congratulations, you have a good portfolio:-)


Nice photos. Oh! Odessa! It's my favorite ukrainian city!:) You are lucky if you live there :)


Thanks Kliopatra. Yeh, I know, I think I'll take part in the next assignment for sure))


Congratulation! hope I get there soon too.
hay, that mean you can get into the assignment since you reached 50 photos online.




Thanks to everybody! I appreciate your support.
To Wildmac: I'm sure you'll reach your first 50 in the nearest future, and soon both of us will celebrate our first hundreds online at DT))


All of these look highly marketable. My favorite is the sunlit cafe. May many new opportunities be seen by you.


Congratulations! I'm still working towards my first fifty online :0)




Congratulations, I know what you mean about seeing the world differently. I wish you much success here.

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