my first 50 sales!

Obviously 50 sales is not a big pie for most of the talents here, but it's a really hard period for me to experience.

From October 2007, my leg was hurt and stay home with a heavy plaster, rigistered to be a member on bed, till now, with heavy business work everyday. I uploaded 190 pictures successfully, with other around 200 murdered by the editors. My acceptance ratio is lower than 50%, but I am always expecting a good sale on my pictures. A good wish won't come easily. Sometimes I feel bad with it, and complain about the editor, and lose the faith and think it is just a commercial site, its not fit for a amateur.

With the time flying. I surf on DT more often, I find so many excellent pictures and realize that a good sale will cost talenty and hard work, whick makes me think. I almost know nothing about PS or other software, except wipe off the logos or people that might cause troubles. lack of imagination, little time to go out, I think I should go farther on photography, and spend more time to learn, not just complain. I hope to take some unique and beautiful pictures in the future.

I feel really good when seeing a people use my pictures though I don't know where it has been. I insist here for the good feeling. my 50th picture sold is not perfect, I know. Maybe the user like it, or because of the cheap price, or just by accident. It is a milestone for me.

Thanks for editors and friends here.

I'll be here.

Photo credits: Lieska.



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February 11, 2009


Congratulations! keep on uploading pics, my pics were rejected more than one year ago!

December 16, 2008



December 16, 2008


Congratulations! And best regards to Shenyang with its beautiful Why market and the Rose hotel!

December 16, 2008


I believe you will have more download!
Best wishes

From Beijing.

December 16, 2008


Yes, CONGRATULATIONS!, I am happy for you, I want to get where you are in sales. Just have fun!


December 16, 2008


Congratulations and don't give up!

December 16, 2008



December 15, 2008


Congrats and keep going, wish you all the best

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