My first approved Graphics

Hello my DT family,

This is really a very happy moment for me that I've my 2 out of 3 graphics approved. The third on is under pending approval. The interesting thing is that as I uploaded them they got approved in no time (within 5 min).

I was kind of scared regarding my graphics. Since I's submitting photographs I thought submitting graphics wouldn't be bad idea but fear is something that takes you back you know. So I limited myself to photographs. I used to think that what if my graphics got rejected ?

Well I have changed my way of thinking and started making some. Finally I've my graphics approved.

Please post comments on my two graphics.

desperately waiting for approval of my third graphics....

-Prashant ZI

Photo credits: Ziprashantzi.

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December 07, 2009



December 05, 2009


Congratulations, and good luck with the others. And approval within 5 minutes is even more for congratulations! Usually takes about 140+/_ hours. WTG!

December 04, 2009


congratulations for your first approvals - good luck for many more, they are great

December 04, 2009


Very nice graphics. I wish you good luck with further approvals.

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