My first assignments photo

Tourist map of Africa

Hi all.

Today my vector illustration became assignment file.

On the given illustration the comic map of Africa is shown. For tourists, travellers also it will be simple people to look it interestingly. On it there is all that it is possible to see in this continent.

I am very glad that have chosen my photo, I hope that such files will be much.

Photo credits: Indos82.
  • Indos82
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May 14, 2008

Thanks you for comments. I will try to draw all continents. Already has almost finished Australia. I will soon lay out it.


May 13, 2008

I like it! Very good idea and great execution. Bye, Rob


May 13, 2008

I agree with the word:Great idea and execution! You should spend much time on this creative work! admire you!


May 13, 2008

Your African map caught my eye. Great idea and execution. You should do a series of all the continents , then countries and then regions like Tuscany in Italy etc. But it is a bit much to conquer the world!