My first blog and 5th online photo


So, I finally managed to get 5 photos approved :) Great day and a boost to my hobby, inspiration-wise. I will describe the experience for people who will try, fail and who will need some support to get going.

I found out DT at Twitter. I was never interested in stock photos or selling photos. I was interested in shooting pictures for fun.

But, KarenKH was so enthusiastic and happy I said to myself:

- Go ahead, boy, you have nothing to lose and maybe....

So, I plunged, I took couple of latest travel stuff and I opened an account. I put it there. I waited.... I waited ....

Somebody in this forum wrote, that waiting time is too short on DT?

Ha ha ha ...

Then, I forgot about it

Then, out of blue sky, an email - tra ta ta Refused ups

What the ... ?

Why? Some copy/paste stuff about composition, exposure, keywords.. I got my cool picture rejected based on keywords?

OK. Damn it. What is a keyword? I put some words there, ain't that enough?

I started to learn about keywords, in the blogs here. Well, I understood why they are important.

Look here: Ellen Boughn's Blog

Then, one picture rejected because of human faces. Ooops - indeed if I zoomed 500% and when I used XXL magnifying glass, I was able to discern a face. Ok and Out. There WAS a face.

Reason: undef

Yeah. I am geek, I know what is undef. It flunked and could not find proper place in the table with an explanation...

Maybe really undef, I feel the composition is too tight.

So, I dicovered magic world of Resubmit!

In the R world, it becomes more personal, and actually, fun. They are real experts there. They try to explain to the poor newbie, what's up.

One bad thing which doomed my photos: I was personal. I wrote: "I woke up early and I strolled tra ta ta"

Yeah, I am sure potential buyer of my photo will be very, very interested.

Remove. Resubmit. Bingo!

Refused: Poor optical performance due to low lens quality, such as lens fringing, chromatic aberrations, uneven sharpness in focus area.

What? My Zeiss unsharp?

Ok, It was dreamy photo, I just forgot to sharpen it. Keen eye of the editor caught this at once. Sharpen. Resubmit. Bingo!

I get boring :(

Thank you, great DT Community - you helped me to pass :D

Good luck!


Photo credits: Tomdraug.

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February 05, 2009


Congrats Tom!! Keep it up.

February 05, 2009


Welcome to the great DT community, I guess you will have a sales very soon. Bingo, here is your first sale, and what a great way to explain your success.

February 04, 2009


Congratulations! Welcome to DT. Great first images, good luck.

February 04, 2009


Congratulations! I very clearly remember reaching the 5th photo online mark.

Here is my 5th photo online:

 Scarecrow Portrait 

February 04, 2009


That's one of the funniest blogs I've ever read :):):)
Sounds a bit familiar to me :) I wonder why .... :)
Good luck!

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