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My first blog - about future project

© Mariv
I always thought that my first blog will sound like "I have my first image approved" or "I have my first image sold" or "I reached milestone" or I think you got it till now...

Oh, where did I go wrong?

My work hasn't been easy to me. On contrary.

© Mariv
I do not see the end of my tunnel of work and the only thing that I could do is to take my shirt off and take the work in my hands.

I believe that in next 10 days I will afford to have some time to use and play with my camera, go to my photo-folders, upload them, ... and enjoy.

I believe.

I have some ideas.

Now I'm working on my construction site project. Civil engineering. I have a lot of photos to share. Lot to upload.

I hope that you will enjoy them.

This is my road to nowhere.

© Mariv

Photo credits: Ivan Marovic.

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December 04, 2008


:) I really hope that there are people with similar taste.

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