My first book "Guardians of memories and witnesses of history" - Dreamstime

Đ¢his time of new technologies, the time when everyone is taking photographs, has created a false image in our society that photography, and photojournalism in particular, is something anyone can do. You come, click the button and it's done - as ignorants would say!

This book has been conceived as an identity card of Vojvodinian photojournalists (North serbian province), to draw the attention to the significance and necessity of the existence of photojournalism as a profession, as it is seriously being challenged after all the degradation of the last few decades.

Seasoned journalists and photographers know only to well how difficult and complicated it is to deal with people and situations, to capture the right moment, that hundredth or thousandth of a second which portrays in the right light that event they are reporting from.

Photojournalists have to anticipate, to feel, to estimate... They have to communicate to a multitude of people, to know how to adapt to academics as well as to peasants, to criminals and police officers, to introvert people and those combative and fierce ones, not willing to be photographed. They need to know when to act sheepish and when to raise their voice. When to "attack" and when to back away.

Being cool-headed, beside all the above mentioned, means a good photograph, and sometimes even life. And it is often hard to remain calm and collected, to overcome one's fear and emotions, and still be focused and creative. Authors having no emotions have no sensibility either, and therefore are not meant for great achievements.

All this said, the thing that adds greatness to some authors is the fact they persevere for decades with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm, tirelessly creating and recording the world around us.

Experienced media editors have witnessed thousands of photographers come and go, but there are few they would say about "Now, that's a photojournalist!"

For all these reasons, this profession should be nurtured and developed, and the authors given recognition by the media, taking care of archiving their works and making them available to future generations.

Darko Dozet

Photo credits: Vladimir Mucibabic.

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