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My First Buying on DT...

This is my first time buying a photo from DT for web use!

The site is about Segway tours in Lisbon and the project was stopped for some time because paperwork and legal terms! Unfortunately bureaucratic issues are taking long :(

The idea is to create a site based on many segway images but as time has passed we couldn't take the photos that we need...

Now after almost 18 months I decided to skip the part of taking photos and use DT talents to help in that...

Yesterday I was checking the photos and I couldn't find many as I want. (Later I will make a request on the message boards)

This photo was uploaded recently and I didn't resist to use it ;)

Thanks Ruslandashinsky, here is the link where to see your photo in action

Cheers ;)

Photo credits: Ruslandashinsky.

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July 27, 2009


Aginger Thank you ;)

July 27, 2009


Maen's spirit is contacting Littledesire saying REMEMBERRR!!! (Fading rough sound)

Littledesire screams! NO THAT CAN'T BE YOU YOU'RE DEAD!!!!

A noise of cruel three shots heard from the sky!!!

To be continued :P


July 27, 2009


Hey, that's a great website! Attraction photos are yours? :)

July 27, 2009


Why should I kill you, Maen?!?
Being one of my favs here, I just wanted to share a link with you. I knew this site is the best in domains and hostings but I've never needed it untill yesterday! And it's a big coincidence with your blog!
Boom, boom,booooom! You're dead!

July 26, 2009


Thanks you guys :)

I still want to change some photos and make it more personalized to the client specially in the header part, but I have to wait for my client to approve :))

This time of the year, when some clients remember to make updates on their web pages! And as I won't have big holidays this year I'm trying my best to work more for better holidays :/

Till then I'm always online stuck on FTP, DT, photoshop and HomeSite!

Littledesire thanks for the free domain site. I thought you wanted to kill me :P :-)))

Nice hearing from you all again.

Cheers ;)

July 26, 2009


Bravo, Maen!
Ruslandashinsky should feel grateful to know where your photo!

July 26, 2009


Nice site, easy to navagate, and great photos! Well done.

July 26, 2009


Hey, Maen! That's why you have stopped playing games! :)))
The site looks very nice! I also keep my credits for future projects.
Do you know here's a place you could have free domain!
Nice work!

July 26, 2009


Hey Maen! This site is looking good. I like your work :0)

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