My first collage

My work is based to all digital aspect of abstract colors, objects, textures. It seems that with this work I do not much stock photography, which is true. I am learning photography but it really comes to me hard, and I have not many photos that are in my opinion excellent, but I put some of them that are good to my portfolio.

Especially love to create images that have different meanings and to me are simply beautiful, but they are not as popular as photos so after I read article about collages I thought that this is a way to promote my work as I was say in my previous article and sale more of mine.

This is my first collage it is compound of those images that are already online and I will add their ID’s number to keywords so if someone is interesting in some of single image that is there can simple find it. I am proud of my first collage and soon hope to see another one online. This one is compound of those abstracts that are some backgrounds, objects and textures in blue color. Have a fun and also promote you work in such way.

After a while I will tell you if something will happen with my sells.

Photo credits: Papuga2006.

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