My first collection

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I have decided to start a collection. First, I didn't know what it really was for. I mean, you just search what you want with the search box and that's it !

But no, truly, collections are really useful. You can concentrate a great amount of good images, those you like or those you want to share with other users. Because there are so many pictures in Dreamstime, you can't always find the one you're searching for. With collections, people can use themes that could interest you and it becomes fast and easy to find your happiness.

My collection is about fantasy backgrounds. I've added backgrounds of my own portfolio and also those of stockers that I already know and that I know are good artists ! I have also found new stockers which is interesting. By the way, you can find it HERE.

Anyway, there is another great thing about collections. If you add images of other people who are also running collections, they can discover your portfolio and add some pictures of yours in their collections... Well, I wasn't thinking of that when I created my first collection, but it's actually a great thing to be better known if your pictures deserve it.

What are your thoughts about collections ? Do you use them ? Do you find it useless ? Well, let us know about it !

Photo credits: Flavia Cabral, Nightangel666.

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March 04, 2008


Thanks :)

March 03, 2008


A very good collection.

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