My first day at college in photography


Hi all, I did write a blog last week stating that i was starting college next week (today) and was asking you opinions on what to expect. well that day arrived today it is only part time evening course and i am starting late actually 3 weeks into the course already,but its no panic as i am not a complete beginner and was familiar with what the tutor was talking about.what tonights lesson was about? CAMERA APERTURE AND SHUTTER SPEED SETTINGS. Basically running threw all the aperture and speed settings of the camera example 100(slow) shutter speed is good for outdoors shooting and 400 (fast) shutter speed is good for indoors and you can get away with not using a flash at this setting.the lower the shutter speed(30) the more likely you are to get shake or blur in your image.the higher the shutter speed you are less likely to get shake or blur.also looked at some of the work from a famous Liverpool photographer by the name of E.

Chamber hardman and his work is breathtaking.anyway i am enjoying it so far and it is a lot more relaxed than what i thought it would be,i was somewhat a bit nervous taking that first stepping stone back into education after 12 years of leaving school with no qualifications and all my fears have now gone.all i can say is if you are contemplating going back to college or education don't feel nervous or worried like was as its nothing like you think it will get to see other peoples work and get first assignment is sports photography and i already have my chosen subject which i have had planned for weeks to shoot for Dreamstime. So now i kill 2 birds with one stone

:) hope you enjoy reading , Jason

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May 08, 2009

Have fun. college photo class was an awesome experience. I wish I could do it all over again. Just remember to go all out, and think outside the box when it comes to assignments. That will make your port truly awesome!



May 07, 2009

Studying is wonderful. Best of luck, my friend.


May 07, 2009

Good luck!


October 16, 2007

That's great that you're enjoying it so far! And may I give a late contratulations on going back to school!


October 16, 2007

Hi Jason, my situation is similar to you in this year because I'm taking a VM course after leaving the university for 10 years! The study is not easy coming with huge workload and exams, but still happy because in this course I could make new friends and even new clients.