My first digital SLR camera

Last week I bought a second hand digital SLR camera. it is Nikon D70. about $300 for body. It is a digital time now! But I still keep my film camera, because the feeling is difference when I use film to take a photo.

Here is my first upload photos by D70.

© Eprom

© Eprom

Photo credits: Eprom.

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March 10, 2008


Congrats!waiting your best work early.

March 10, 2008


Good eprom!Glad you had the chanche to buy it!Have a nice shots!

March 10, 2008


Congrats. That was a good bargain for a Nikon D70

March 09, 2008


Aha,most of my photos in DT were shot by D70s. From now, you can catch more pics efficiently.The second hand D70 is worthy of that price!

March 08, 2008


Thinks for all.:)

to Jclardy, yes, I use film for DT before and the future. I use Konica Minolta scaner Dual IV to convert the film to digital.

March 07, 2008


thats awesome man, I'm looking into buying a dslr soon, I can't wait to get one. Did you use film for microstock before? if so how did you convert the shots to digital?

March 07, 2008


Congrats! I'm a beginner in the photography, so I haven't got the chance to shoot with film camera, but the digital era of picture making gave me the oportunity to become a photographer :)

March 07, 2008


Congratulations on making the jump. The biggest thing to train yourself is not to be stingy with taking photo's.
It's digital so it's not like you have to buy the film.
It's a hard habit to break. Shoot shoot and shoot some more.

March 07, 2008


Nikon D70 is a good camera I bet many good photos are yet to come!

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