My first dollar earned

Hello everyone,

Although I'm a amateur photographer, I'm very happy, because yesterday I earned my first dollar on DT (1.09 $ to be more exactly), after only one month and a half of exposing my small portfolio (now 16 photos accepted).

I have also participated in the Key Mentoring Program and earned some cents suggesting some keywords, and it's really working :)

I'm writing this because I want to thanks Dreamstime and his contributors and it can be inspiring for other amateur photographers.

Here are my 3 sales:

© Asyan

© Asyan

© Asyan

P.S.: Please feel free to comments, but don't kill me, because is my first blog ever written :)

Photo credits: Lazar Adrian Catalin.

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Congratulation!!! I'm still waiting for my first dollar... just one picture saled since now, but I have just 3 pictures uploaded...


Congratulations!!!!!!! Welcome to Dreamstime!


Congratulations to a first dollar well-earned! Keep up the great work and you will be very successful!


Many thank everyone for the good words...
Creativei, if you are proposing something I say: " I like to spend money in Dubai, but I prefer to keep them safe in Switzerland" :)


So you opened your sales account, soon you will need a accountant to manage your income, Wish you lots of sales. I like all the three above images they are stunning.


Goo dluck with future sales - nice images!


Congratulations :) Keep uploading, you have good portfolio.


Love that blue water ~
it's a great start.. Good Luck ~ :)


Congratulations, 3 sales with 16 images online is a good start, you have some wonderful landscape images, I am sure there will be loads more sales, keep on uploading :0)

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