My first download

I bought my first DSLR camera less than 3 months ago knowing very little about photography. I read and read and read anything I could find and learned about my camera and it's functions and their use. I uploaded my first images in April and, through the initial rejections, learned more. I now have had 17 accepted. I was so happy to see my first download over this last weekend. My first buck for my photography!

Thanks Dreamstime for inspiring me to learn more and improve my skills as a beginning photographer. Each accepted image validates to me that I am learning and improving and makes me want to go and shoot more and more photos.

I strive for and can't wait for when I can upload my images and be confident in knowing that my approval rating will improve.

Thanks again Dreamstime and all the contributors whose articles and tips have been a great source of information and inspiration.

Photo credits: Dan Otten.

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Well done! I wish you many more sales!


Congratulations, its always a nice feeling to get the first sale :0)




Secmaster, it is true that you and I share a very similar interest in our topics of photography. .

I feel lucky to be able to combine my interests in the outdoors, seeing new places and photography and to have such a nearby accessibility to the beauty of nature in the Pacific Northwest.

I have also made you one of my favorites and I wish you the best of luck as well.

Thank you, again, to all for the congratulations and words of encouragement. Alexhor, I wish for your first download to come sooner rather than later - Good Luck!

Best wishes - Peace.


I have 58 online and no sales. But that is not the reason for envy. My honest congratulations. Your first sale proves that you're on the right way. I'll follow :)


congrats on your first sale
hopefully many more to come :D


Congrats on your first. I see you and I joined Dreamstime about a week apart. I joined on May 10 2009. I really like how you have shown an interest in Landscape photography as it is my speciality. Your picture of the railroad tracks going on endlessly is one of my favorites as well as the ones of Salmon Creek. Check out my pictures under Secmaster and you will see you and I have similar interests. My submission problem is working fine this morning and as I thought it appears to be a simple problem that centers around peak upload periods.

Have Fun: Harold " The Secmaster " Bradley
St John's Newfoundland


Well done & congratulations! I only recently had the first sale myself. So well done and hope you'll get many more!


Congratulation!! and I wish you many more sales!


Thank you for your kind comments and words of encouragement.






Congratulations!!! I still remember my first Dlownload and the excitement that I felt. Even if it was only a dollar, someone liked my image enough to buy it. Your portfolio is looking good so far, keep uploading and the sales will follow. Good luck.


Congratulations & keep ahead shooting PHOTOS :)



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