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First sale, 50 accepted images, becoming exclusive, 100 accepted images, and now 200 accepted images. Little, but significant milestones for a newbie in stock photography. To honor the 200th accepted image I decided to do what I promised myself for the other newbie-milestones: sharing my first experiences in a blog. The coincidence wants that I can announce my 200th accepted picture with a salute of gunshots as this picture is a cannon I shot


I’ve been taking pictures since I was born, at that time analog, mainly slides. A decade ago I became digitalized and last year I started to share my photographic experiences with students and started to teach with a friend. He proposed to have a class on Stock photography in our series, so I was introduced to it as well… DT, here I am!

I was blessed by a life in which I had to travel a lot, so I had loads of opportunities to practice photography. Unfortunately, making high quality digital pictures out of analog slides which are valid for stock is a daring and time consuming task, not only because I took pictures with a different eye. I always liked to have some people in the frame, but at that time I was not aware that something like a MR-form existed… however, after digitalizing and removing the dust from the scanner, some were accepted, and even sold,

other ones are less successful in sales uptill now

As every newbie I went through my collection and uploaded them… with variable success. Some became successful and were sold several times

meanwhile other pictures hardly got any attention . I also started a first Collection, on World War one, which started 100 year ago next year, a historic to be remembered.

My next step was a quest to get myself into commercial stock photography. I tried to make a diversified portfolio by taking pictures that surrounded me

and sometimes I isolated these which seems a good strategy, with thanks to a blog on DT I read about isolating images.

At the same time I was trying to get a MR-form signed from models I did shoots with in the past

and I spent a few days longer in Venice when I visited the Biennale di Arte to take some pictures to upload on DT. I hoped to create some divers images of La Serenissima, which succeeded if the number of accepted images counts. In Venice I realized that DT and shooting stock chanced my way of looking and taking pictures, not only conceptually but also taking care of technical details in the picture. Of course I had some classical pictures from Venice , some isolated objects and some details from buildings on the San Marco Square . I was lucky the yearly festival of Redentore took place when I visited the city, so I took some editorials . But I mainly focused on taking pictures as good as possible and I took the time to make some nightshots and some stitched pictures . These became the basis for a second Collection.

And finally I crossed the 200 uploaded pictures after organizing a shoot with several models and concepts. I thought of a sports-shoot and the models that participated could have a shoot in the style they would like, and all of them had a different and sometimes challenging idea:

. Soon after I had to give the IRS office in Paris a visit to obtain an ITIN number... of course I turned out in an additional shooting day in Paris . More pictures of the shoot and Paris are pending for acceptation, so hopefully when you read this, I crossed the 200 :).

We had some fun days, learnt a lot of the forum, blogs and from the reviewers. Now up to the 500…

Photo credits: Ivan Vander Biesen.

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September 04, 2013



September 02, 2013


Nice photos! Wish you much success!

September 02, 2013


You have great images! Thanks for sharing!

August 31, 2013


great work!

August 30, 2013


You're doing great, you have amazing images.

August 29, 2013


Very nice blog and beautiful portfolio!

August 29, 2013


Great work!Congratulations and good luck further!

August 29, 2013


Congratulations on reaching 200 images! The woman playing volleyball photo is striking - great work!

August 29, 2013


sounds like an amazing experience, thanks for sharing

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