My first editoral shots accepted... NASCAR - It's Bristol... Baby!!

I had my first editorial shots accepted last night. None of them made the news page, but, I am pleased they are part of my portfolio. The fall race in Bristol is one of NASCAR’s most sought after tickets and family race night is always a hit. Even though I was sick and it was almost 90 degrees, I decided to take a chance and try to get an editorial or two.

one unexpected treasure was Lois J. Tyler, a sweet little lady who is one of NASCAR's little known legends. 53 years ago she drove, as her husband did, in the Daytona 500 inaugural race. a woman driver in that race must have been the talk around the track.

Anyone familiar with NASCAR knows the amount of sponsor info with a car or driver. Living in Bristol I have thought what a great thing to take pictures of, until I tried to do so for Dreamstime…..logo madness set in….let me tell you.

So when Dreamstime started allowing editorial I was rejoicing , finally I could take pictures and submit them. This has been the first event I have been able to get to this season, I missed the one in the spring due to illness in the family. Unfortunately allergies also come to town, twice a year at my house, always coinciding with race week. I hope before it is weekend is over I can tackle the crowd (our population doubles for these 3 days) and get some more shots of the spectacle that is “ racin’ the way it oughta be” at Bristol !

Photo credits: , Denise Milana Beverly.

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August 26, 2008


SAWEET!!!! These are awesome! Lots of sales should be coming your way with these!

August 25, 2008


Way to go Denise!!! Specially love your people shots!

August 25, 2008


Fantastic photos Denise..
I hope you are feeling better!

August 24, 2008



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