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My First Editors Choice!

Hey everyone I just am about to burst with happiness, in checking my profile for sales this morning I scrolled down and nearly fell off my chair -- my favorite macro model, Truman the jumping spider has been selected as an Editors Choice!

This plucky little fellow is out in the flowers every afternoon looking for fly snacks and never seems to mind posing for a few photos.

The fact that many people fear or scorn these tiny creatures is at times disheartening. Therefore, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Editor for enjoying this photo and making it my first Editors Choice.

Cheers to all --


Photo credits: Marilyn Gould.

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March 08, 2009


congrats! cool shot.

March 08, 2009



March 08, 2009


Congratulations It is a great turning point

November 18, 2008


Thank you Iris! Good luck and best wishes to you as well. :)

November 14, 2008


Hey Maigi, Great information, thanks! Truman lives in a Marguerite bush (chrysanthemum frutescens) in my garden. His name was given by a friend who viewed his photo and just felt a spider with this much personality required a name I have not seen Truman for a few days -- hopefully he has not become dinner for a bird! :(

November 14, 2008


You mentioned that Truman, (which is not a true man, but in fact a true spider - Truspider? :)) is a jumping spider. Do you keep it as a pet or does it just live in your backyard?

November 13, 2008


Great photos! Love your cats. Especially biggest ones. Your spider is cute too. I suspect some of the reviewers are arachnophiles here, one of my EC-s is a lovely Fringed Ornamental Tarantula too. :) Congratulations!

November 06, 2008


Congratulations, wonderful image that I am sure will see many sales...

November 03, 2008


Hey Lauren, Thanks for the kind comment. It is not often that people see the beauty of these little creatures!

November 02, 2008


Congrats! Your model is gorgeous!

October 29, 2008


Oh my, cuddly! I never thought of them in that respect -- thank you for your kind comment and for brightening my evening! :)

October 28, 2008


Congratulations! Amazing shot!

October 28, 2008


Thanks very much! This particular spider seem to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine. Again thanks to all of you for your kind comments. Not many find these creatures "beautiful" :)

October 28, 2008


Congratulations! He really is beautiful up close.

October 27, 2008


Congrats! I like your model... I can never get mine to come out into the sunshine.

October 23, 2008


Congratulations :)

October 23, 2008


Thanks to you both! :)

October 23, 2008



October 23, 2008



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