My first entry / Milestones

Hello Everybody,

I'm here for a year, but because of my basic English, I have not written any messages until today. I also think I have much to learn and very little to teach anyone.

My experience with SLR cameras is just the last two years, without any previous learning. So I can't complain about results: all my microstock sales this year has allowed me to improve my equipment seriously.

But most important is that thanks to your helpful blogs, articles and tutorials, I am learning a lot (ok, I admit, every rejected image also helps) :)

Today I had a double milestone to celebrate

1.- Reach the 500$ mark

2.- with my first P-EL, this one:

© Jiss

Thanks to this and all other buyers!!!

I'm not sure if 500$ it's a good hit after a year here and nearly 800 images in my port, but I can't complain, even when some of my best sellers out are a bit "lost" in searches here. In the other hand some others are better placed and they sell regularly.

Now I'm planning to install a permanent studio in my house and take lots of pictures, the most varied possible, but I need time, I always need more time... :)

Some examples of my best "non sellers" here:


© Jiss
© Jiss

Very few Downloads:

© Jiss
© Jiss
© Jiss

Feel free to criticize my portfolio. Any comment, better if it's critical, will be welcome.

Best Regards

Jose I.

Photo credits: Ivan Soto.

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Thank you for adding of my pictures in the "clean energy" collection. If I do some collection I will look for your pictures too, you have nice photos.


I have no words. Thanks indeed to everybody, for your kind comments and help.


You can send everyone a message. But it's not private, it will be seen if someone else send comment on the same image!
To do it, click on someone's image > there's TOOLS button on the right > Send a comment. Good luck!


Congrats!!! Your photos are great. May your milestones come quicker and quicker.


Congratulations on reaching your milestones! You have an excellent portfolio! All these image will eventually sell! Good luck for the future!


I am not able to find the option to send private messages (if that is possible here.) Therefore I wish you all: health and many downloads!!!


Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. It's much more than my port deselves. I will be happy if I'm able to help somebody in the future. For now, I continue learning.


Congrats! Great portolio, nice colors!


WOW congratulations! you've got some fabulous work!


Congrats! Wonderful portfolio! I wonder why those photos nave no sales? Good luck!


You have a great portfolio,I wish you have fun here and good luck!!!


I think your portfolio is great! Keep going, I look forward to seeing more and congratulations on reaching your milestones :0)


Wonderful portfolio! Congratulations on your milestones and good luck in the future.

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