My First Foray into Stock Photography

I've recently got back into photography after trading in my old Pentax and jumping onto the Canon bandwagon.

This does mean I need to start purchasing a load of new Canon compatible equipment though so I've decided to have a dabble at some stock photography.

Hauxley Beach

All the images so far are just ones I've had saved in various locations. Most of these were taken with my old Pentax.

Border Terrier front Left

From here on out though all the images will be uploaded within days of being taken and will all be taken with the new Canon equipment.

Dunstanburgh Castle Gate

So here's hoping for some amount of success.

Photo credits: Luke Eastlake.


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April 09, 2015


Welcome anf All the Best :)

April 08, 2015


I have a similar return to photography story. I joined DT last fall. Good luck to us both!

March 17, 2015


I just love how encouraging everyone is on the various Dreamstime blogs. Kind of like a brotherhood. I've had 6 images (files) accepted by Dreamstime. I've had views but no downloads, yet

March 15, 2015


Welcome and congrats! Beautiful images! Have fun and good luck!

March 13, 2015


Enjoy the ride at dreamstime. Have fun with it.
All the best

March 13, 2015


very nice have fun!

March 12, 2015


Welcome and congratulations for your beatiful images!

March 12, 2015


Hi Luke, I'm from Carlisle, MA. USA.
I hate to say this, but with the competition in stock photography, you will be 70 before you can buy all the Canon equipment you think you'll need. Unless you make it a full time job, in which case your wife will probably be supporting you for the next ( 10 ) few years.
If you're really,really talented, you'll make it. If not, you will be able to afford a Starbuck's coffee once a week.
Good luck my friend!

March 12, 2015


Welcome to Dreamstime. Wish you all the best.

March 12, 2015


Good luck, it's easy. I made $0.35 in just two months ;-)

March 11, 2015


Welcome and enjoy :)

March 11, 2015


Welcome and I hope you enjoy your new equipment. An exciting time for you.

March 11, 2015


Welcome, wish you more photos and sales!

March 11, 2015


Welcome and good luck, all my gear has been paid for from sales here, better than images just sitting on my hd :)

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