My first illustration

Now let me start by saying I am not an artist. I have had no formal artistic training and everything I have learned is on the fly, so basically I am not very good, but I am learning.

I started to notice that illustrations seem to sell, at least the good ones, and I got interested in learning how to make them. I did some research online and in the message boards and got some basic skills. I started with basic shapes and shading etc.

Then I started to get serious and made my first illustration. After some contemplation I decided to give it a try and see if I could get it accepted, which it did.

© Mvogel

I now have several more illustrations in the queue and several more in the works.

I find that working on illustrations is a great way to pass the time when you can not take pictures and I look forward to making many more.

Photo credits: Mvogel.

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September 15, 2010


Sure you'll have a great success!

September 08, 2010


Congratulations for your first illustration!

September 07, 2010



September 07, 2010



September 07, 2010


It looks great.

September 07, 2010


Your first illustration looks great! Congratulations and waiting to see some more! :)

September 07, 2010


Great illustration! Good luck for your illustrations in the queue!

September 07, 2010


It looks great! Well done.

September 07, 2010


Good luck!

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