My first Illustrations

I am going to upload my first illustrations image today, which I create through the mixing of various images from print artist, print shop and completing finish products I do it by adobe photoshop and mylogo maker.

My finish product appeared with a 4200 pixel x 5600 pixel , 2MB or 3MB.

Now since i'm a new contributor with my approval ratio of 15.5%, so I just can manage to upload 8 images perday.

For the next upload I have to wait for another few hours, really sad and frustrated waiting for that moment.

Hope it will be accepted and approved.

Photo credits: Ali Mohamad.

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I´m curious about your first illustrations... Have fun making them and good luck! :)


Sure. Talk with them, like I did. See if they would like to do this, and help them to start. Good luck.


orite.thank you robert.But how then to get them, say my bro , friends or who ever to be our reffered members you have an ideas of helping me.


Well, it's not a secret. They are my cousins, and I am trying to make them work harder. They are not so happy with that, but I hoppe they will. I can't wait to see your new work... ask me if is anything else, I'll be happy to help, if I can.


Thanks Robert for keeping in touch.I completed my uploading 8 illustrations images few hours ago and like you said, i'll never bother on my approval status,what most important to me is work hard on my stock photos, trying every now and then improving my images with the helping hand of you all dear friends.Thank you. Robert...i had explored most of your images and most illustrations, i'm proud of it, best of luck dear friend.It was really great and wish one day i can make my way like yours. Another thing, i found out that you got two fererred members, well do you mind to tell me on how are you getting them to be your referred members.All the best to you robert.


I wish you good luck. Did you already finished any illustrations, or you are still working hard? Don't bother with your approval status, it will sure grow in time. It was the same for me. If that pictures are yours, on your blog, why don't you upload them on Dreamstime? Do you have a contract for exclusivity with someonelse?


thank you for the comment Cednik.I get into illustrations, cos i too love drawing, painting, illustrating.


wow, just 15.5%? thats about 1 image from 10 which get approved. Maybe you should try to improve the quality of your images and than think of illustrations.


Thank you Robertosch. In terms of that particular illustration images, of cos its 100% my creativity.But my raw image i get it somewhere from others and then doing few modifications making my own concept image.
Thank you too for visiting my blog, and the images inside are totally 100% of mine.


I am not sure about that, I think they have to be 100% original. I saw your blog, you have awesome pictures in there. They are yours?


Thank you for the comment Irisangel.I understand that we can do the modifications or adding/deleting images from other sources/software to create our illustrations images, as long as not a fully or 100% image from that particular sources.Correct me if i'm wrong, for our sharing with others.


Images uploaded to DT are supposed to be your original images. But I wish you luck anyway

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