My first illustrations on Dreamstime - Dreamstime

On Dreamstime I've always posted mainly photographs. Till today...

Besides photography I want to familiarize myself with the art of making illustrations. The reason why I want to create illustrations, are the unlimited amount of possibilities and imagination you can put into one image. Putting this imagination in photography is more difficult as you are bound by the capabilities of your equipment and space (studio, lights, models, post-processing etc.).

I'm using Inkscape to make my illustrations. Therefore I would like to thank Roberto1977 for his usefull articles here on Dreastime about Inkscape.

For now I just want to learn more and more about making illustrations and Dreamstime is of great help for achieving this goal. Underneath i've posted some of my illustrations. Hope you guys like it.

Photo credits: Fairoesh N..

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December 31, 2012


They look great, good luck.

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