My first image - Dreamstime

Hi ya all dreamstime dreamers.

Finally my first image was approved, let me tell you it was not an easy task. After gathering some years of experience in professional video productions I've started recently to upload and sell some video footage but I was way more "into" starting to shoot for the aim of sell my photos on dreamstime and ********. I recently had a job in NY and I got myself a t4i that produce both great videos as well as nice (minus) photos.

Please take a look of my finally first approved image:

you could rate it too...

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Photo credits: Hafakot.

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August 28, 2012


Thank you all !!! Can't wait to see my other submissions approved

August 28, 2012


Congrats mate!

August 27, 2012


Congrats!!! The first of many more!

August 26, 2012


Congrats, what a great feeling! Many more to come: )

August 26, 2012


COngratulations for your first image.

August 25, 2012


cong:) well come...

August 25, 2012


Martingraf, Clearvista and Rosariomanzo - Thank you !!!

August 25, 2012


the first pic is always going to be the special one - congrats and all the best for the next 999 pics :)

August 25, 2012


Well done. nice feeling to get the first approved. Hopefully many more soon and then the great feeling of your first sale, great image-all the best on here. :)

August 25, 2012


Congrats, keep them coming!

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