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My first "isolated on white" image uploaded and accepted

A few days ago, I wanted to give myself a try on my first isolated image. I've been using some youtube examples on how to take and postprocess "isolated on white" images and finally I have done it.

First I needed to do is to create some sort of low budget lightning studio, cause I did not have one, so I used about 25 years old table lamp with 100w light bulb (6800K), some white paper for background, tissue paper for diffusing light to get soft shadows and some home made light bouncers.

After I've taken couple of shots and I used photoshop to obtain perfect white background. This was the step I was affraid most of all. But I have managed it and here it is my first isolated image accepted. I have found some useful tips about isolated images here on dreamstime, so thanks for that.

Photo credits: Mario Čehulić.

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October 05, 2011


Thanks Francesca :)

October 05, 2011


Well done Mario, congrats!!! Bye, Francesca

October 04, 2011



So after taking my shot I have used "quick selection tool" with brush size of 20px or you can use "magic wand" tool with tolerance set to about 10-15% to select everything white. After selection is made i use feather of 2px and fine tuned my selection on 200% of image view. After that i use reverse selection to select my objects instead white background and copy my dices and cup as new layer.

On that new layer I only have my photographed objects without background, so you need to create third layer on which you need to use paint bucket with pure white color which will be your background. Pull that third layer behind objects layer with dices and cup and this is it.

Or you can watch this video which helped me on my image that you see :)

Video tutorial on how to isolate objects on white background

October 04, 2011


Nice picture. Could you shortly explain what steps you did in photoshop?

October 04, 2011


Thanks people :)

October 04, 2011


Well done, Good luck!

October 04, 2011


Looks great, good luck.

October 04, 2011


Well done, good job, with little money octave is a great result!

October 04, 2011


Your lighting is excellent - and at very little cost. Very nice photo.

October 04, 2011


It looks great! Congrats!

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