My first message :)

First thing I wish to tell is that, I love DreamsTime! It was first site which appear on my query in Google and it was fascinating to see a lot of beautiful images and so many talented photographers in one place, so I decide to try my luck and join this great community myself.

I never tried to have my own blog so it's my first try. I always prefer forums as in my opinion provide more options for discussion of topic rather one centered option commented by others.

But not long ago I've spot that DreamsTime offer keeping own Blogs so decide to give it a try, maybe I'll change my opinion about them :)

BTW I wish to say the reason I've appeared on DT. Photography is my main hobby, I never leave home without my camera(am I alone at this? :) ).

This hobby help me to see world from the different point of view and freeze moments which later could bring memories and emotions which I believe is one of the main advantages of photography, it's just like a second language.

The reason I decide to sell my photos is very prosaic, my camera is pretty old and become buggy with time. I'm aware that equipment doesn't lasts forever so since I don't have spare cash for new camera I decide to use my skills to earn cash for new camera, along this I'd like to learn and enhance my skills and hopefully stock photography would help me in this as well.

My portfolio yet pretty small comparing to other photographers but in the end of last month I've got my first sale which is very encouraging, each sale make me closer to my aim, so thanks to person who make this first sale! :)

And thanks everyone for viewing my photographs and supporting me!

I'm always open for constructive critique so if you have some suggestions or feedback, I'd be glad if you comment my images.

Greetings to everyone! It's good feeling to be a part of this community!

Photo credits: Sensovision.

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April 08, 2008


thanks for commenting my blog, folks! :)

Cleaper, thanks for compliment. I'm glad that you put your comments as through them I've found your portfolio, you also have some interesting images in your portfolio, I've already added one to my new collection and another to lightbox(for future collection) :)

Wish you both luck and a lot of downloads ;)

April 08, 2008


I love DreamsTime too! good job!

April 08, 2008


Hi there and good luck! You have some really nice shots.

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