My first MLB (baseball) game and blog.

What an amazing 4th of July weekend. Friday was filled with my first horseback riding lesson, three rounds of Laser Tag, and a double feature at the Drive-in.

While I refrained from bringing my camera to Friday's events, I could not resist bringing it to Saturday's fun. My girlfriend won tickets to the Boston Red Sox game at her company's picnic raffle and we ended up in field box seats, 11 rows from the playing field. Anyone that knows the Red Sox knows that these are extremely difficult seats to get. The Red Sox have completely sold out every seat, for every game, the first day tickets go on sale.

Having never photographed a baseball game or sporting event, I knew this would be a learning experience. Nevertheless I believe I made some nice shots using my experience from when I played Little League as a child. I brought my D200, Sigma 17-70mm, and a borrowed 70-210mm. Shutter priority at 1/1000 seemed to work well for freezing the action. Even 11 rows away 210mm left me wanting more but how could I really complain when everything was free?

The best moment of the day came in the 2nd inning when Jason Varitek came to the plate. I zoomed in on the batter and asked my girlfriend to tell me when the pitch was coming. When she said go, I fired away on Varitek at 5FPS and caught an entire sequence of a home run swing that sailed over the Green Monster! The lady behind me said with a smile, "Did you get the shot?" I returned the smile and said, "Yup!"

Another great part of the day was seeing veteran Ken Griffey Jr., who has returned to the Mariners after a 10 year absence.

At the end of the day I had about 230 shots and submitted my 15 best to DT. 14 of those shots were accepted as editorials. After my initial review I wish I had more action shots but it was a pretty tame game. The pitchers were having great days, so I was pretty starved for some action. Other than that, I had so much fun and can't wait for another opportunity like it.

So how did I do for my first sporting event and blog?

Photo credits: Elephantopia.

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The Fenway pic is priceless, great job!!!


Some great sports shots and a fabulous day to boot! Well done!


You did absolutely great with your first sport photos and blog! Great colors! You surely had a great time!


I like them...Thank you for sharing...Good luck. :)


Great shots!!! Good luck with them!

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