My First Model Pic Approved

Hi all, well you may not care, but i'm well excited! my first picture of an actual person got approved recently! Here it is...

I have about 40 pregnancy shots pending that I did with my beautiful sister... and i'm doing a shoot this week with my friend and her gorgeous 2 kids.... so I'm working on building up my portfolio here on DT.

I posted on the message boards and opened my portfolio for criticism a few weeks ago, and what I learnt from it was that I need to explore and photograph many different subjects and ideas to add variety to my portfolio... so that is what I'm working on at the moment.

Got a few new macro lens and looking at getting a mini studio.. let the fun continue!!! I'm loving it!!!

Photo credits: Rebeccaosborn.

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August 29, 2008


great work, great composition ,good luck (-:

July 28, 2008


you have so nice photos keep up with the good work ........really nice BRAVO :-)(-:

July 20, 2008


Congratulations! Nice photo.

July 16, 2008


By the way,your new photos,pansies in a vintage pot,really really nice;)

July 16, 2008


Congratulations! I still have to figure out how to ask my former models to sign a MR to be able to upload the pictures here... I'll keep an eye on your pregnancy shots, it's something I'd like to do sometime. Good job, keep it up!

July 15, 2008


The new pics look great!

When I got my first macro lens it took me about a year to start taking photos from more than 6" away again... Have fun with it.

July 13, 2008


Hey Rebecca - great job. The pictures of your sisiter are wonderful. I'm still working on getting my family comfortable with posting them "for sale" online:) Keep up the good work!


July 13, 2008


Hi Rebecca - the new pregnancy photos are excellent! Since you mentioned getting into shooting people and because you mentioned getting a mini studio, I would suggest that if you have enough room somewhere around the house you might consider getting some studio lighting and white background paper which isn't too expensive - a simple 3 or 4 monolight setup for not too much more than a good macro lens. With the right lighting setup you could do both people shots and macro stuff. Email me for more particulars and suggestions if you would like. You can send me messages here on Dreamstime or via my email address on my website. Keep up the great work!

July 11, 2008


Have experienced history ...Seem to get back to that time again! Very good works!

July 10, 2008


I am glad to see you are taking some of the comments to heart, keep up the great work. I love the photo of your sis, laying on the grass done in Sofia. She looks very peaceful.

July 10, 2008


Excellent shots! Good luck with them. I especially like the black and white shot. Congratulations.

July 10, 2008


HI Rebecca, Congrats and well done! Macro is a blast, always amazing to see the tiny world we often miss in our day to day lives. Marilyn

July 10, 2008


HEY there's always a place in our day for good news, congrats!

July 10, 2008


Congratulations! Nice shot.

July 10, 2008


nice photo

July 10, 2008


With the coming winter months (thinking ahead hmm) and the awful english weather, I'm also thinking about a mini studio.
It's nice to see us growing since we started roughly at the same time.

July 10, 2008


great photo!



July 09, 2008


Way to go!!! Can't wait to see the other new pics!!!

July 09, 2008


Hey, that's great! Congrats!

July 09, 2008


Great shot! Well done.

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