My First Model Picture

2 Weeks ago I went to Florida to visit my family and to see my nieces Karate Tournament. I did not get many photographs while I was out there do to rain or bad lighting situations. On one of the days during my trip my family and I went to the Brevard Zoo but after getting there it was poring down rain off and on. We did not get to see all the animals do to the rain. One of the pictures I wanted to get was of my nieces feeding the giraffes but do to the rain happening that was a shot that was not going to happen. The girls got chances to feed other animals at the zoo but nothing was a photographic moment except for when the shop keeper who sells Lorikeet food gave my youngest niece some food for my niece to feed the Lorikeets. I was taking photos of the other birds and then I turn around and see my niece covered in Lorikeets so I shot off a few shots. The picture that got approved I like because one of the Lorikeets is trying to take some of my nieces hair for nesting material.

Here is my first model picture:

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October 18, 2008


Thanks everyone :)

October 17, 2008


Congratulations!well done.

October 17, 2008


Hey, congratulations! Great job in spite of the adverse weather conditions! :)

October 17, 2008


Thanks :)

October 17, 2008



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